Chenab Pair Of Plant Pots

by RV Astley

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The Chenab Pair Of Plant Pots is not just about aesthetics; they are also highly functional. The durable metal construction makes them ideal for a wide range of plants, providing a stable and stylish home for your greenery. With a net weight of 3.1 kg, these pots are easy to move and rearrange as needed, allowing you to create the perfect indoor garden. Bring a touch of luxury and elegance to your home with the Chenab Pair of Plant Pots, the perfect addition for any plant lover.

Maximize the impact of your indoor greenery with our Chenab Pair of Plant Pots. Standing at two convenient sizes, the larger pot measures 48 cm in height and the smaller one 31 cm, both with a width and depth of 23 cm. Crafted from brushed metal in a luxurious gold finish, these pots are designed to bring a sophisticated touch to any space. Whether placed in a hallway, living room, or kitchen, their elegant appearance will enhance your home decor effortlessly.


Product Code: 4541

Height (A): 48 cm

Width (A): 23 cm

Depth (A): 23 cm

Height (B): 31cm

Width (B): 23 cm

Depth (B): 23 cm

Finish: Brushed

Material: Metal

Colour: Gold

Net weight: 3.1 kg

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