Congra Canvas

by RV Astley

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The Congra Canvas is a captivating statement piece designed to elevate your space with a touch of modern luxury. This abstract artwork transcends the ordinary, boasting a symphony of captivating colors. The rich canvas, measuring 152.4 cm in height and 127 cm in width, allows the artwork to truly breathe on your wall. A mesmerizing interplay of greys, golds, and soft sand tones unfolds before your eyes, creating a visual experience that is both dynamic and sophisticated. The textured finish adds depth and intrigue, while the sleek black frame serves as a perfect complement, showcasing the artistry within. Lightweight at just 5.2 kg, the Congra Canvas is surprisingly easy to install, allowing you to transform your space in a matter of moments. This versatile piece can be hung in either landscape or portrait orientation, tailoring its impact to your specific decor needs. Whether you seek a captivating focal point for your living room or a touch of contemporary elegance in your entryway, the Congra Canvas promises to turn heads and inspire conversation.

Product Code: 4389F

Height: 152.4 cm

Width: 127 cm

Depth: 3.8 cm

Finish: Painted

Material: canvas,wood and paint

Colour: black,grey,gold and sand

Net weight: 5.2 kg

Orientation: Landscape and portrait

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