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Unveil Luxury, Unleash Comfort – Eclectic Niche.

DI Designs, established in 2010 by Philippa Cowling and Ian Thomson, is a British company specializing in contemporary and stylish furniture for trade clients. They have carved a niche in the furniture industry by leveraging their combined expertise in furniture design, production, sourcing, and interior design. They offer a wide variety of furniture solutions to interior designers, home stagers, retailers, show home stagers, and more.

DI Designs operates in the Business-to-Business (B2B) space. They offer competitive pricing and streamlined processes for trade professionals.Interior designers can rely on DI Designs to find furniture solutions that elevate their client’s spaces, while home stagers can leverage their fast turnarounds to quickly furnish properties for viewings. Retailers benefit from DI Designs’ ability to keep pace with current trends, ensuring their showrooms are stocked with in-demand pieces. Their furniture is designed to be contemporary and stylish without breaking the bank. This makes them a perfect choice for trade professionals working on various projects with diverse budgets.

Design Ethos

Their design philosophy emphasizes contemporary aesthetics, offering a blend of style and functionality tailored to modern living spaces. They prioritize using high-quality materials like oak, walnut, and marble, ensuring the durability and visual appeal of their furniture.

  • Balancing Functionality and Style: DI Designs caters to trade professionals who juggle practicality with aesthetics. Their furniture likely prioritizes functionality, offering pieces that are versatile and adaptable to different project needs. However, the emphasis on “contemporary and stylish furniture” suggests they don’t compromise on visual appeal. They likely walk the line between functionality and style, creating furniture that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

  • On-Trend Designs, Accessible Price Point: Their focus on contemporary furniture positions them as a resource for trade professionals working with clients who crave modern and stylish pieces. This suggests their design ethos emphasizes keeping pace with current trends while remaining mindful of price points. They likely offer furniture that reflects the latest styles without breaking the bank, making them accessible for various projects and budgets. (Affordability: Providing their trade clients with competitively priced furniture solutions.)

  • Catering to Trade Needs: Given their B2B focus, DI Designs’ design ethos likely prioritizes solutions for trade professionals. This might translate to furniture that is easy to assemble, disassemble, and reconfigure for different project requirements. Durability might also be a key consideration, as their furniture needs to withstand the wear and tear of staging and showroom settings. (Fast Turnarounds: Ensuring efficient delivery times to meet their clients’ project deadlines.)

Beyond Functionality and Style: DI Designs’ commitment to the trade market extends beyond just the furniture itself. Their design ethos likely incorporates the following principles:

  • Trend-Focused Designs: Keeping their collections current with the latest design trends ensures their trade clients have access to furniture that reflects what’s in demand.
  • Collaborative Partnerships: Building strong relationships with their trade clients through open communication and personalized service fosters trust and loyalty. (Collaborative Partnerships: Building strong relationships with their trade clients through open communication and personalized service.)


DI Designs has a total of 44 collections each consisting of various furniture options with unique features.
These collections include: Norton, Pershore, Warnborough, Wickham, Wolford, Witley, Mickleton, Hambledon, Himbleton, Josephine, Lamps, Candover, Cheriton, Easton, Five, Grafton, and Kinnersley, among others. Below is a few of the collections with their features:

  • The Bentley Collection: This collection features a classic and timeless design, with pieces made from high-quality materials like solid oak and oak veneers.


  • The Cheriton Collection: This collection offers a more contemporary look, with clean lines and a focus on functionality. Pieces in this collection are often made from engineered wood and finished in a variety of colors.


  • The Hanley Collection: This collection is known for its rustic charm, with pieces made from reclaimed wood and featuring distressed finishes.

  • The Radford Collection: This collection offers a more industrial look, with pieces made from metal and wood.


  • The Abberley Collection: This collection features a traditional and elegant design, with pieces made from solid wood and featuring classic details.

Abberley TV Unit Brown

  • The Elmley Collection: This collection offers a more contemporary take on traditional design, with pieces made from high-quality materials like oak and featuring clean lines.

  • The Flyford Collection: This collection is known for its comfort and style, with pieces made from plush fabrics and featuring deep cushions.

  • The Grafton Collection: This collection offers a touch of luxury, with pieces made from high-quality materials like leather and featuring intricate details.

  • The Hampton Collection: This collection is known for its relaxed and inviting style, with pieces made from natural materials like linen and featuring soft colors.

  • The Tunworth Collection: This collection features a Scandinavian-inspired design, with pieces made from light wood and featuring clean lines.

Ecofriendly and sustainablility Initiatives

DI Designs is dedicated to environmental sustainability and social responsibility, embodying these values through a comprehensive ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) policy. Let’s delve into how DI Designs is making a positive impact through various initiatives.

Reducing Environmental Impact

The company takes significant strides to minimize its environmental footprint. Firstly, DI Designs operates primarily from home offices, reducing commuting emissions and embracing remote operations as a means to lessen its carbon footprint.

Sustainable sourcing is another crucial aspect of DI Designs’ environmental strategy. The company partners with organizations like ‘One Tree Planted’ to offset its carbon emissions and contribute to reforestation efforts worldwide. Moreover, DI Designs prioritizes sourcing wood from sustainable forests in the US and Europe, ensuring traceability and sustainability. They also utilize recycled and reconstituted wood in their furniture collections, with plans to increase the use of recycled materials in future offerings.

Eco-friendly packaging is yet another focus area for DI Designs. The company employs recycled cardboard packaging whenever feasible, actively seeks alternatives to eliminate plastic packaging, and responsibly recycles used cardboard packaging to minimize waste.

Furthermore, DI Designs emphasizes durable furniture design, creating products intended for longevity to reduce the need for replacement and minimize landfill waste. Additionally, the company is increasingly sourcing from UK-based manufacturers to reduce reliance on international shipping and decrease its carbon footprint. Finally, DI Designs optimizes delivery routes to minimize mileage and fuel consumption, further contributing to its environmental goals.




Social Responsibility

DI Designs places a strong emphasis on social responsibility, particularly in ethical sourcing and labor practices. The company ensures adherence to national labor laws in its Vietnamese, Chinese, and UK factories, covering aspects such as working hours, breaks, wages, and overtime agreements. Regular quality control visits are conducted to verify satisfactory working conditions and uphold ethical sourcing practices.


In terms of governance, DI Designs prioritizes diversity and talent development within its workforce. The company is committed to fostering diversity in recruitment and nurturing talent, offering flexible work arrangements and opportunities for IT training and industry development. Moreover, DI Designs prioritizes ethical practices in its operations and collaborates with individuals who share its values.

DI Designs is not just a furniture company but a beacon of sustainability and social responsibility in the industry. Through its proactive initiatives in environmental stewardship, ethical sourcing, and governance,They are  paving the way for a more sustainable and socially conscious future.

In conclusion, DI Designs epitomizes the fusion of style, sustainability, and functionality in the realm of contemporary furniture. Founded on a vision of delivering top-notch designs with rapid turnarounds, the company has emerged as a trusted partner for businesses seeking modern, eco-friendly furnishings. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship, DI Designs not only enhances spaces but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable future. As the brand continues to evolve and expand its offerings, one thing remains constant: DI Designs’ unwavering dedication to creating beautiful, sustainable spaces that inspire and delight.



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