Arrone Luxe Mushroom Chair

by RV Astley

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The Arrone Luxe Mushroom Chair seamlessly blends captivating design with luxurious comfort. Crafted from a unique combination of wood, metal, and plush chenille, this chair boasts a captivating presence that will elevate any dining space. Standing at 81 cm tall with a width and depth of 61 cm each, the Arrone offers ample space for comfortable seating without overwhelming your room. The true star of the show, however, is the luxe mushroom chenille upholstery. Its unique texture, finished in a stunning black with brass accents, adds a touch of undeniable sophistication, while the plush cushioning ensures exceptional comfort for even the most extended gatherings. Imagine inviting guests to experience the Arrone firsthand; their eyes will be drawn to its captivating design, and they’ll be welcomed by the chair’s unparalleled comfort. Whether used for grand dinner parties or simply to elevate your everyday dining experience, the Arrone Luxe Mushroom Chair is a guaranteed conversation starter and a timeless addition to any interior.

Product Code: 25935

Height: 81 cm

Width: 61 cm

Depth: 61 cm

Finish: Painted and antique

Material: Wood,metal and chenille

Colour: Black,brass and Luxe mushroom

Net Weight: 9.6 kg

Seat Height: 50 cm

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