Drift Round Mirror CB

by RV Astley

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Expand your horizons and bring a touch of captivating elegance to your space with the Drift Round Mirror CB. This versatile piece transcends the boundaries of a traditional mirror, offering both function and sophisticated style. Crafted from high-quality mirror glass, it delivers exceptional clarity and reflection, ensuring you look your best while adding depth and dimension to any room.

Measuring 90 cm in height and width, the Drift Round Mirror CB strikes a perfect balance between grandeur and practicality. Despite its impressive size, the slim 4.5cm depth ensures it won’t overwhelm your space. The real beauty lies in its versatility. This unique mirror can be hung in either portrait or landscape orientation, allowing you to customize its placement and functionality to suit your specific needs. Whether reflecting natural light and opening up a room or adding a touch of timeless elegance as a statement piece, the Drift Octagonal Mirror is a must-have for creating a sense of spaciousness and sophisticated style in your home.

Product Code: 8189

Height: 90cm

Width: 90cm

Depth: 4.5cm

Finish: Antique

Material: Mirror

Net Weight: 18kg

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