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Inspired by fall elements and trees leaves, Leaf family of cabinet handles and door pulls amplify any furniture design and ambience they are in. Coming in perfect sizes, shape, textures and earthy tone of colours, Leaf enhances elegantly any cabinet or door design.


Height: 158 mm | 6,22 in
Length: 185 mm | 7,28 in
Depth : 80 mm | 3,15 in

Materials & Finishes




Polished brass
(Also available in Aged & Brushed Brass)


1145 g / 2,52 Lbs

Fixing System

Screws M5

Clean & Clear

The look of bronze, brass and aluminium will always change with time and weather conditions all over the world, the proximity to water and sea will affect deeply the surface.
We recommend:
> Do not use any type of detergents, if the piece is wet, dry it as quickly as you can.
> The polished ones, you can use a smooth cloth ONLY.
> Do not use cleaning products, you may damage the handle surface.
> For the brushed and aged ones use only a smooth brush.

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