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Interior design blogs have become indispensable sources of inspiration, information, and guidance for individuals seeking to enhance their living spaces. In today’s digital age, where creativity and aesthetics play a significant role in shaping our environments, these blogs serve as valuable platforms that showcase innovative ideas, trends, and expert insights. From timeless classics to cutting-edge designs, interior design blogs cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences, making them essential resources for homeowners, design enthusiasts, and industry professionals alikeEach of these offers a distinct perspective, expertise, and aesthetic, contributing to the vibrant landscape of design inspiration and knowledge accessible to enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Forget the glossy, celebrity designer havens. Love Chic Living isn’t about unattainable luxury; it’s about creating stylish and comfortable homes for everyday people in the UK. Founded in 2011 by interiors writer Jen Bishop, this warm and down-to-earth blog speaks directly to those who crave a beautiful space but don’t have an interior design degree or a bottomless budget.

Imagine a young couple starting their journey together, a family yearning to refresh their tired living room, or anyone who appreciates a well-curated space. Love Chic Living is their haven, offering relatable advice and inspiration that makes achieving “chic” feel possible.

This isn’t just another blog filled with dreamy (but unrealistic) design ideas. Jen, a self-proclaimed “home lover” and the mastermind behind the blog, dives deep into the practicalities of creating a stylish yet functional home. Think choosing the perfect paint color, arranging furniture in a way that maximizes flow, clever storage solutions that tame the clutter, and even DIY projects that add a personal touch. Love Chic Living isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about making your home a place you truly enjoy living in, every single day.

Jen’s dedication to empowering people to achieve their dream homes hasn’t gone unnoticed. Love Chic Living has garnered several awards, including “Best Family Lifestyle Blog” and “Most Inspiring Interior Design Blog.” This recognition is a testament to the quality and value Jen provides to her readers.

But what truly sets Love Chic Living apart is Jen herself. She’s not just an interiors enthusiast, she’s a storyteller. Through her writing, she weaves personal anecdotes and experiences, making the blog feel like a friendly conversation with a neighbor who just happens to have a fantastic eye for design.

So, what can you expect when you visit Love Chic Living? Imagine browsing a magazine filled with beautiful homes, but instead of feeling overwhelmed by the extravagance, you get inspired by the “I can do that!” ideas. Find a treasure trove of content on DIY Projects, Design tips, and so much more. It is a one-stop shop for anyone in the UK who wants to create a home that reflects their personality and lifestyle without breaking the bank. It’s a blog that empowers readers to embrace their inner designer and turn their house into a home they truly love. So, ditch the intimidation and join Jen on her journey to making “chic” achievable for everyone.

Unlike some high-end, celebrity designer blogs, Oh So Kel offers a refreshing dose of approachability. Founded in 2018 by Kel Harmer, a self-described “mumpreneur” and design enthusiast, this award-winning blog has become a go-to resource for anyone in the UK who wants to create a beautiful and livable home they truly love.

The target audience here isn’t limited to those with overflowing budgets or vast design knowledge. Oh So Kel speaks directly to everyday people – young couples starting out, families looking to refresh their space, or anyone who appreciates a touch of “chic” without the intimidation. Kel’s warm and relatable writing style makes design feel achievable, encouraging readers to embrace their personal style and adapt ideas to their own homes.

Oh So Kel is a treasure trove of design inspiration and practical advice, covering a wide range of topics to help you create a beautiful and functional home. Whether you’re stuck on a specific design challenge, like choosing the perfect paint color for a living room, or simply browsing for unique furniture finds to elevate your space, Kel has you covered. The blog offers a rich mix of content, including design tips and tricks, buying guides, and inspirational home tours.

A core focus of Oh So Kel is the concept of “accessible chic.” Kel believes that beautiful design shouldn’t be reserved for the privileged few. She scours the globe for unique and stylish homeware pieces, often from independent artisans, that are both aesthetically pleasing and budget-friendly. The blog features product recommendations, homeware collections designed by Kel herself, and even glimpses into her own 1930s forever home, offering a relatable perspective on incorporating these finds into real-life spaces.

But Oh So Kel isn’t just about aesthetics. Kel understands that homes should be functional as well as stylish. She shares tips on maximizing storage space, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, and even delves into the world of DIY projects.

Kel’s dedication to empowering readers with practical design advice and inspiration hasn’t gone unnoticed. Oh So Kel has garnered several awards, including “Best Home Blog” two years consecutively and being shortlisted for “Best Design Inspiration” by Amara. This recognition speaks volumes about the quality and value the blog provides to its dedicated audience.

So, if you’re looking for a design blog that feels like a conversation with a stylish friend, Oh So Kel is the perfect destination. Here, you’ll find a welcoming community that celebrates personal style, empowers you to create a beautiful and livable home, and offers a dose of inspiration without the pressure of unattainable luxury.

In 2010, a design enthusiast named Grant Pierrus embarked on a mission to redefine luxury living. He envisioned a space where elegance and comfort intertwined, creating a feeling of grandeur accessible to everyone. This vision became Interior Style Hunter, a blog that has evolved into a leading resource for those seeking to elevate their UK homes with a touch of attainable luxury.

Originally, the focus was on showcasing stunning, luxurious homes. But Grant quickly realized that the true key to luxury lay not just in aesthetics, but in creating a space that reflected the personality and lifestyle of its inhabitants. Interior Style Hunter shifted its focus, delving deeper into the stories behind the design choices.

Today, the blog offers a rich tapestry of content. Grant takes readers on virtual tours of captivating homes, from modern penthouses to charming period properties. He dissects the design elements that contribute to the luxurious ambiance, providing readers with practical tips and insights on how to incorporate them into their own spaces.

The blog doesn’t shy away from the practical side of luxury living. Grant explores topics like maximizing natural light, the power of using Feng Shui principles, and even the latest trends in home automation. This ensures that the luxury presented on Interior Style Hunter feels attainable and relevant to everyday life.

Grant’s dedication to empowering readers with a taste of luxury living and practical design knowledge hasn’t gone unnoticed. The blog has been recognized with the coveted Luxury Lifestyle Award for “Top 100 Best Luxury Influencers & Bloggers in the World” in 2022. This recognition is a testament to the unique approach Interior Style Hunter has taken, transforming luxury design from a distant dream to a tangible reality for its dedicated audience.


Mad About the House is another standout blog on our list of top 7 UK interior design blogs. Mad About The House isn’t about showcasing unattainable opulence; it’s about empowering everyday people in the UK to create beautiful, functional homes they truly love. Founded in 2012 by Kate Watson-Smyth, a seasoned journalist and self-proclaimed “mad-about-house” enthusiast, this award-winning blog has become a go-to resource for design inspiration across the country. 

Imagine someone who appreciates beautiful surroundings but doesn’t have a design degree or a bottomless budget. Maybe they’re a young professional decorating their first flat, a family looking to update their living space, or anyone who wants their home to feel more personal and stylish. Mad About The House speaks directly to this audience, offering relatable advice, practical tips, and a healthy dose of inspiration.

Unlike some interior design blogs that leave you feeling overwhelmed by picture-perfect, staged homes, Mad About The House feels refreshingly down-to-earth. Kate doesn’t shy away from showcasing her own North London home, complete with its quirks and imperfections. This relatable approach makes achieving beautiful design feel achievable, encouraging readers to embrace their own personal style and adapt tips to their specific spaces.

What sets this blog apart is Kate Watson-Smyth’s keen eye for mixing styles and creating harmonious spaces. Whether it’s blending vintage pieces with modern elements or experimenting with bold colors and patterns, Kate’s expertise shines through in every post. Her ability to curate a diverse range of design inspirations makes Mad About the House a go-to destination for those seeking unique and creative design solutions.

From tips on how to decorate a small space to guides on incorporating the latest design trends, Mad About the House covers a wide spectrum of topics that cater to various design preferences and challenges. Readers can expect to find practical advice, expert insights, and actionable tips that empower them to transform their homes into stylish and functional spaces.

Kate’s dedication to empowering readers hasn’t gone unnoticed. Mad About The House has garnered numerous awards, including the prestigious “GWG Blog of the Year” title. This recognition speaks volumes about the quality and value the blog provides to its dedicated audience.

So, if you’re looking for a design blog that feels like a friend offering helpful advice and inspiration, Mad About The House is the perfect destination. Here, you’ll find a welcoming community that celebrates personal style and encourages everyone to create a home they truly love, one achievable step at a time.

 Next, on our list of the top 7 UK interior design blogs is The Design Sheppard, which isn’t just about showcasing global design or solely focusing on the UK market. Instead, it serves as a platform for Stacey Sheppard, a freelance writer and self-proclaimed design enthusiast, to share her passion for contemporary and innovative design. Launched in 2009, the blog has become a hub for design enthusiasts seeking inspiration and insights into the latest trends.

People who crave a modern and stylish home, but don’t necessarily have an extensive design background, will find The Design Shepherd particularly appealing. Whether you’re a young professional looking to spruce up your apartment, a family wanting to update your living space with the latest trends, or simply someone who appreciates beautiful and innovative design, this blog caters to a wide audience.

The platform offers a curated selection of design finds, insightful commentary, and glimpses into the ever-evolving world of modern design. Stacey keeps a keen eye on emerging trends and features everything from stunning modern home tours to innovative product discoveries.

The Design Shepherd goes beyond just pretty pictures. Stacey delves deeper, providing insightful commentary on the design choices, the stories behind the products, and the influences shaping the modern design landscape. This allows readers to gain a deeper understanding of the design process and the inspiration behind the featured spaces and products.

The blog also features interviews with talented designers, tastemakers, and industry experts. These interviews offer valuable insights into the creative process, the challenges and considerations involved in modern design, and the latest trends driving the industry forward.

While there’s no mention of specific awards on the website, The Design Shepherd’s consistent ranking as one of the top interior design blogs in the UK by various organizations like Cision, Vuelio, and HIBS100 speaks volumes about the quality and value it provides.

So, if you’re looking for a design blog that keeps you on the cutting edge of contemporary design, The Design Shepherd is a valuable resource. Here, you’ll find a curated selection of inspiration, insightful commentary, and a connection to the creative minds shaping the future of modern design.

Looking to build a strong foundation in interior design principles? Kate Beavis  blog offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Kate Beavis is a seasoned interior designer with a passion for education and knowledge sharing. Her extensive experience allows her to translate complex design principles into clear and practical advice for her readers. This blog caters to aspiring interior designers and homeowners who want to learn the fundamentals of creating beautiful and functional spaces. Kate’s blog is a valuable resource for those who want to build confidence in their design choices, whether they’re embarking on a DIY project or collaborating with a professional.

 Kate delves into a variety of topics beyond just aesthetics, from the fundamentals of color theory (think warm vs. cool colors and using color psychology to create a mood) to furniture selection (considering scale, proportion, and functionality) and layout planning (optimizing traffic flow and creating designated zones). Her clear explanations and practical advice, like her “5 Step Guide to Choosing a Sofa” or her “Color Palette Inspiration” series, make her blog an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to build confidence in creating their dream home.

Launched in 2009 by Rachel Newcombe, Fresh Design Blog isn’t your typical high-end interior design platform. This UK-based blog has carved a niche for itself by catering to those who crave beautiful homes and gardens without breaking the bank.

Fresh Design Blog’s popularity stems from its focus on affordability and practicality. They champion stylish finds from high street stores and independent designers, alongside clever DIY hacks and upcycling ideas. This empowers readers to personalize their spaces and achieve a desired aesthetic without a hefty price tag.

Beyond affordability, Fresh Design Blog has built trust with its audience by offering well-rounded design advice. They keep pace with seasonal trends, curate shopping guides to help navigate the vast world of home décor, and occasionally feature insights from industry experts. This commitment to providing practical and inspiring content has established Fresh Design Blog as a trusted resource for budget-conscious design enthusiasts. The blog’s strong social media presence further fuels its popularity by fostering a sense of community, allowing readers to connect with the bloggers, share their own projects, and get inspired by others.

Whether seeking timeless elegance, luxurious living, eco-conscious solutions, budget-friendly creativity, or personalized design, these blogs offer a wealth of ideas and expertise for creating beautiful and meaningful living spaces. As readers, we are encouraged to explore, experiment, and embrace the diversity of design styles and philosophies that these top UK interior design blogs have to offer.



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